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Press Release: 6.2.2024
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Teatteri Mukamas’ novelty play Juhlapäivä inspires children to play and make music
– Premiere 29.2.

The year 2024 is Teatteri Mukamas’ anniversary year. This year the professional puppet theatre from Tampere turns 45 years. The year of celebration opens with the brand-new show Juhlapäivä, which premieres at Pispala’s home stage on February 29. This is Katarina Stycz‘s 8th direction for Teatteri Mukamas. Her previous works include e.g. the beloved Hiirulainen performances. Juhlapäivä combines puppet theatre, music and dance in a fun way. The audience gets to participate, too.

What do you need for a celebration?

Director Katarina Stycz wanted to make a refreshing show for all ages. Juhlapäivä (Celebration Day) tells about the dog Fea, who has hurt her paw. Friends come to the rescue, and together they come up ways to make Fea happy. Everyone knows what it’s like when you can’t go out yourself. – I got the idea for Juhlapäivä by watching children play, how wonderful and inspiring it is. Only our imagination is the limit. Through play, we also create this celebration day, Katarina tells about the show.

The performance examines what songs are made of

What makes Juhlapäivä special is the music, which Henrika Nieminen is in charge of. One of the songs in the show is built during the show. The actors create unique live music with a looper device. For Henrika Niemi, looper is a real passion, and she has been using it for years in music making, e.g. with her band Minä ja Nieminen.

– It offers so many opportunities to use the voice, says Henrika. – I hope that with this performance the children will get excited about music. Juhlapäivä kind of puts the song into pieces and shows what elements it can consist of. I hope everyone gets the spark to make their own songs after this!

Actors Anton Avela and Ella Numminen are also musicians, and enthusiastically set out to make a new kind of musical performance. Music also becomes visible through movement. The choreography of the dance-based performance was designed by Raisa Kekarainen, who has also become familiar to Mukamas visitors as a versatile performer.

Everyone is welcome to the Celebration Day! In the spring, we get to set up a party several times at the theatre, which celebrates its birthday. Let’s make a Celebration Day together!

Katarina Stycz & Henrika Nieminen

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