Teatteri Mukamas

Teatteri Mukamas is a Tampere-based professional puppet theatre, founded in 1979, whose performances provide shared experiences for children and adults. The theatre’s idyllic home stage is located in Pispala, Tampere, in an old volunteer fire brigade building.

Pupun kevät at the theater 25.3–8.4.

Pupun kevät at the theater 25.3–8.4.

As the sun rays glitter on the snow, a small and raggedy bunny is found in the snow, sad and alone. The spring light dazzles his eyes and melts the snow, so that his little paws are all wet. The bubbling brook washes the bunny...

Pieni taikasiemen

This children’s musical theatre perfomance takes you to the verge of small wonders.

Spring programme

Performances on the Pispala home stage.

Pieni taikasiemen

Pieni taikasiemen

This children’s musical theatre performance takes you to the verge of small wonders. Two siblings are exploring an old book they found on the bookshelf. The book’s pages reveal wondrous plants, each more amazing than the last. Suddenly, a small seed drops from between the pages. What will that magical seed grow to be?

Contact information

Teatteri Mukamas

Pispalan valtatie 30
33250 Tampere

tel. 040 127 9092

Tour sales

tel. 050 465 6285 myynti(at)teatterimukamas.com

In addition to performing on their home stage, the theatre visits daycare centres, schools, libraries, festivals and corporate events all over Finland.


Public transport

Teatteri Mukamas is located in the idyllic old volunteer fire brigade building at Pispalan valtatie 30. You can easily reach us by public transport. See schedules at Nysse.fi

To the centre Pispalantori (1511)
To west Pispalantori (1510)


Visiting us by car is no problem because a public car is located right next to the theatre.


Ask our staff ahead of your visit to help you with accessible mobility. 040 127 9092 or toimisto(at)teatterimukamas.com