It’s showtime in Pispala!


Teatteri Mukamas’ home performances start this week in Pispala. Pieni taikasieni is a growth story for the whole family, which combines puppetry and musical theatre in a fun way. The show refreshingly explores the cycle of the year and nature. Let’s take a look at the small wonders of the flowerpot together!


Pieni taikasiemen | Recommendation: Ages 3–12
Tickets still available:
Fri 8.9. at 18.00
Sat 9.9. at 11.00
Sun 10.9. at 11.00 & 15.00

Children and adults 15 € / person
Group ticket 52 € (incl. 4 tickets)

Ticket reservations, inquiries and group sales:
toimisto(a), tel. 040 127 9092

Lippupiste ticket outlets: Search for an outlet

The performance can also be ordered all over Finland!
Touring sales:
myynti(a), tel. 050 465 6285 / Minna