Pieni taikasiemen

This children’s musical theatre performance takes you to the verge of small wonders.

Two siblings are exploring an old book they found on the bookshelf. The book’s pages reveal wondrous plants, each more amazing than the last. Suddenly, a small seed drops from between the pages.

What on Earth is it? Is it a flower, a tree, a bush, or something else altogether?

What will that magical seed grow to be?


Tickets and gift cards: Lippu.fi, Lippupiste ticket outlets and R-kioskis.

You can also purchase tickets directly at the theatre. The theatre ticket office is open 45 min before the performance. We accept cash and the most common payment cards. Family ticket 52€ (includes 4 tickets) and assistant tickets – only through the office. In case of an illness, contact our office before the performance, so we can arrange tickets for another show.

Ticket reservations, inquiries and group sales: toimisto(at)teatterimukamas.com or tel. 040 127 9092 (weekdays at 9.00-15.00).

Tickets reserved through the theatre must be claimed 15 minutes before the performance. Please let us know, if you are late for a performance.

Technical data

Writer, director and visual designer:

Katarina Stycz

Musical composition, song lyrics and choregraphy:

Ringa Aflatuni

Background music:

Ringa Aflatuni and Marko Varonen

Light designer:

Juha Kaijomaa

Puppets / crochet work:

Veronica Stycz


Jana Bačová-Kroftová (Czech Republic)

Mukamas workshop

Sewing, costumes, woodwork:

Raisa Kekarainen, Ella Numminen and Kalle Uurto


Raisa Kekarainen and Ella Numminen

Technician / puppeteer:

Kalle Uurto

Poster, handbill and photos:

Patrick Stycz


c. 40 min

Age recommendation:

Ages 3–12

Maximum audience:

150 / performance

Space requirements:

width 6 m, depth 6 m, height 3,5 m


2 x 10 A