The new performance Pieni Taikasiemen offers the wonders of spring!


Teatteri Mukamas’ shows in 2023 begin with the new performance Pieni Taikasiemen. The premiere is held March 3rd.

The performance, written and directed by Katarina Stycz, takes you to the verge of small wonders. The fresh story about growing up is enlivened by choreography and songs written and composed by Ringa Aflatuni. The performers are Raisa Kekarainen and Ella Numminen. Kalle Uurto is the technician and puppeteer.

What do you need little one
Can I give you some,

whatever it is you long for
How can I help you grow

Two siblings are examining a book they found on the bookshelf. The book’s pages reveal wondrous plants, each more amazing than the last. Suddenly, a small seed drops from between the pages.

What on Earth is it?
A flower, a tree, a bush, or something else altogether.

Soon we see that you need more than water and air to grow. You also need light, singing, good soil fluffed by an earthworm, and a warm gaze.

The performance features lively action, dancing, the aches of waiting, and gentle pondering. Whatever the soil reveals, it’s joyful and surprising. And together we can do it!

What goes on in the flowerpot is so magical
You could say it’s wormtastical!

More information:
Programme: Pieni taikasiemen

TICKETS: Children and adults 15€ / person. Babies under the age of 1 don’t need a ticket of their own.

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Family ticket 52€ (inc. 4 tickets, for members of the same family) – only through the theatre’s office! Ticket reservations, inquiries and group sales: toimisto(a), tel. 040 127 9092