Mukamas’ Juhlapäivä is approaching – Premiere on February 29


The spring of celebration begins at Teatteri Mukamas when the musical performance Juhlapäivä premieres 29.2. at 18 at Pispala’s home stage.

In honor of Mukamas’ 45th anniversary, director Katarina Stycz has made a show for all ages. Juhlapäivä (Celebration Day) tells about the dog Fea, who has hurt her paw. Friends come to the rescue, and together they come up how to make Fea happy when she has to stay at home. The result is full of joyful imagination and music! Juhlapäivä is a festive piece involving children and combining puppet theatre, music and dance. Music maker Henrika Nieminen inspires children to make songs with her inventive performance music. Actor-musicians Anton Avela and Ella Numminen will be seen on stage. The choreography was also designed by Raisa Kekarainen, who is also known as a versatile performer.

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Photos: Patrick Stycz
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Performances in Pispala: (Pispalan valtatie 30):
thu 29.2. at 18 premiere
Fri 1.3. at 10 & 18
Sat 2.3. at 11 & 15
Sun 3.3. at 11 & 15
Thu 4.4. at 10 & 18
Fri 5.4. at 10 & 18
Sat 6.4. at 11 & 15
Sun 7.4. at 11 & 15

Children and adults á 15 €
NEW: Weekday morning tickets á 12 € (Mon-Fri 10 am shows)
Group ticket 52 € (incl. 4 tickets)

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