Matkalla maailmalle on Pispala’s home stage 5.–7.5.


Matkalla maailmalle (On the way to the world), which premiered at last autumn’s MUKAMAS 2022 Festival, will be seen again on Pispala’s home stage!

An object theatre performance directed by Mansi Stycz takes the audience on a friendly journey, where curiosity takes you from the familiar backyard all the way to the bird’s eye. Love for different vehicles comes close, whether it is a bicycle or a space rocket. And what is the deepest essence and function of gadgets? The reason is probably the desire to get to another person and playful curiosity.

There is plenty to see and explore in the atmospheric performance. That’s where the eye rests and the mind travels 🚀🚲✨

Matkalla maailmalle
Thu 4.5. At 10.00
Fri 5.5. At 10.00 & 18.00
Sat 6.5. at 11.00 & 15.00
Sun 7.5. at 11.00 & 15.00
Age recommendation: For over 5 years old

TICKETS: Children and adults 15 € / person. Babies under the age of 1 don’t need a ticket of their own.
Group ticket á 13 € (min. 10 tickets)

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Family ticket 52 € (inc. 4 tickets, for members of the same family) – only through the theatre’s office!
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